Terms and Conditions

Your badge and/or wristband admits you to all basic events at Sono Con 2019 during regularly scheduled hours for the days of December 14 th and 15 th – if there are separate ticketed events, you still need your badge for entry to them so DO NOT LOSE YOUR WRISTBAND OR BADGE!!

By accepting your badge and/or wristband, the corresponding participant agrees to the following:

  • I release Sono Con and its Staff and affiliates from any liability for loss or damage to persons and/or property, infringement of rights, or any other claim/cause of action.
  • I authorize/permit Sono Con and its Staff and affiliates to use my name, voice, likeness in all forms of media, and consent to being photographed on film, tape, or digital media for promotional or any other purpose.
  • I understand that Sono Con has the full right to deny entry or remove me from the convention premises and facilities at any time those who in Sono Con’s discretion are behaving or threatening to behave in a manner that is disruptive to the convention and its operations.
  • I will not duplicate nor recreate any membership badges and/or wristbands.
  • I understand that by participating at any level with Sono Con, I am doing so willfully and accept all terms and conditions as outlined here and within the Code of Conduct.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Sono Con Terms & Conditions – now go HAVE FUN!!

Other convention policies and contact information can be found at www.sonocon.org