Privacy Policy

Sono Con and its affiliates are dedicated to providing the best quality experience for our participants and in pursuing this goal we are mindful of your data and personal information.

This policy explains what information we collect when you use any of Sono Con’s sites, services, mobile applications, products, media and content (“services”). It also has information on how we collect information and what happens with it. Our aim is to make you informed and earn your trust.

Information we collect and how we use it:

Sono Con is a collective effort to unite and promote geek culture within our community and in order to do that we collect information that you provide us. The information we collect is to help us produce the best possible convention experience by building a show that caters to the interests of our community and thereby improving your experience each year. In order to improve your experience at Sono Con, we collect information from your interactions with our website, personal interactions and other services. Some of this information you actively tell us (including e-mail address, which we use to communicate with you, and phone number or other personal information when applying to participate with us, which we also use to communicate with you). Other information we collect is based on how you interact with our websites and other products and services (including web browser information, location, information about your device, referrals, etc.)

We use this information to provide, test, improve, promote, and personalize Sono Con and its operations in an effort to give you the best possible experience.

We care about your privacy and thus keep any information collected secured and we do not distribute any of that information to any third parties at any time for any reason.

Amendments and other changes may be made to this policy at any time to best suit the changing needs of our organization and our community and we appreciate your help in improving our convention experience for all!

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