Code of Conduct

Respect your fellow attendees. Everyone has the right to a safe and fun time at Sono Con. Don’t do anything that harasses, threatens, or harms other attendees, Staff, Guests, etc. If you are being harassed, threatened, or harmed, please find a Sono Con Staff Member for assistance – they are wearing brightly colored shirts that read “STAFF” on the back. See our anti-harassment policy for more details.

Don’t break the law. Please don’t steal, start fights, drink if you’re underage (or give drinks to minors), or do anything else that’s illegal in Montgomery, Alabama or the U.S.

  • Disorderly and disruptive behavior such as hollering, cursing around minors, noisemakers, and disrupting foot traffic is prohibited and may result in ejection from Sono Con.
  • Persons found committing vandalism, graffiti, defacement, destruction of property, and criminal damage will be ejected from Sono Con and will face law enforcement.
  • Persons found committing theft, shoplifting, larceny, burglary, looting, robbery, counterfeiting, and fraud will be ejected from Sono Con and will face law enforcement.

Don’t drink or smoke in the convention space. There are plenty of open spaces outside for you to smoke. Using e-cigarettes and vapes counts as smoking for the purposes of this rule.

Wear your badge and/or wristband at all times. Your badge/wristband must be visible. If a staff member asks to see your badge, wristband or photo ID, you must show it to them. Sono Con reserves the right to deny entrance to any part of convention space to anyone not wearing a valid convention badge/wristband.

Keep your kids with you. Attendees under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Parents will be held responsible for any damages caused by their children.

Follow the prop and costume rules. See our Cosplay Contest Rules for full details.

Follow convention venue policies. Don’t sleep in public areas. Don’t bring pets with you (though service animals are allowed – please bring papers for them). If a Garrett Coliseum employee or Sono Con Staff member asks you to do something, please follow their direction.

Failure to follow these rules may result in consequences up to and including revocation of your badge/wristband, removal from convention space, and involvement of local law enforcement. The head of Sono Con Security Team and the Sono Con Chairman have the final say as to the interpretation of these rules.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Sono Con does not allow harassment of any kind, including but not limited to behaviors such as: stalking, offensive comments, hate speech, bathroom policing, inappropriate or unwelcome physical contact, recording or taking pictures without permission, and repeatedly disrupting conversations you have been asked to leave. The aforementioned comments or hate speech could be in relation to: age, race or ethnicity, color, citizenship or national origin, relationship status, sexual orientation, gender identity or presentation, appearance, clothing, body size, pregnancy, disability, or religion. This list is not an exhaustive list.


  • Keep your hands to yourself.
  • Respect your fellow attendees.
  • Watch your language, especially around families and children.
  • Remember, cosplay is not consent: just because someone is in costume, it doesn’t give you permission to take a picture or touch their costume.
  • Ask first, and if they tell you “no”, respect that. “No” means “NO”.

What to do if you see or experience harassment

If you feel harassed or see someone else being harassed, notify a Sono Con Staff member immediately. You are welcome and encouraged to ask the harasser to stop yourself, but if they are unwilling to cooperate or you are scared, please see a Sono Con Staff member. Once notified, Sono Con Staff will take any action necessary to stop the behavior, up to and including badge/wristband revocation and expulsion from convention premises. We will also take steps to help you feel safe again at your request, such as escorting you to a place you feel safe, contacting your friends or family for you, or contacting law enforcement.

This policy applies without exception to everyone at the convention, including attendees, panelists, vendors, guests, convention staff, and venue staff. Sono Con is a SAFE & FUN place and we intend to keep it that way!

Membership Policies

Badges and wristbands serve as proof of membership for the dates and/or times listed on them. Your membership grants you access to all non-specialty events and function spaces based on availability and convention policies. Specialty events (such as the Nerdlesque) may require an additional fee. Badges and wristbands remain the property of Sono Con and must be surrendered on request by an authorized representative of Sono Con Staff. Please remember that duplicating a membership badge is forgery – a criminal offense in the state of Alabama. If you are caught forging and/or selling forged badges, you will be banned from the convention, and will face law enforcement with local authorities.

The Sono Con spaces of operation within the Garrett Coliseum include the Main Floor Arena (Exhibitor Hall & Main Stage) the Hallways (connecting the Panel Rooms, Concessions, & other Special Interest Areas) and other areas specifically designated for use by Sono Con. Access to these spaces requires that proof of membership be displayed at all times. If you have no proof of membership, you will be sent back to Registration.

Legal: By participating and attending Sono Con, all parties including attendees, exhibitors, guests, staff, etc forfeit all right to bring suit or any other legal action upon Sono Con, it’s officers and affiliates or Garrett Coliseum, it’s officers and affiliates and agree to hold harmless Sono Con, it’s officers and affiliates and the Garrett Coliseum, it’s officers, and affiliates for any expenses, losses, damages, etc. that may occur.

The Code of Conduct is in place to ensure a FUN & SAFE environment for all involved with Sono Con including attendees, exhibitors, guests, staff, etc – in general, just use common sense and you’ll have a wonderful experience at Sono Con!